About Us

Introducing the owner of Wanna Crafts; Ms. Wanna.

Wanna Crafts was founded back in 2001. When Wanna visited her homeland of Thailand. She took a class in Bangkok and learned how to sculpt orchids with air dry polymer clay. She enjoyed doing it as a hobby and then realized how much others could share the same passion as hers if she could bring this craft back to Seattle. It was than when "Wanna Crafts" was born.

Wanna is a mother of 2 daughters and a grandmother of 5 grandchildren. If she is not at home, creating this beautiful craft to sell at Pike Place Market. She is often flying back to Thailand, to visit family and taking a much needed R&R.

Pike Place Market

You might have seen us at Pike Place Market in Seattle! We are there all year round. The only times you won't catch us there are during the holidays (Christmas and New Years Day). Other than that, if it is nice and sunny we are usually outside in a booth near the Original Starbucks! During winter time, it depends how cold it is. We could be inside but normally would try to get a booth outside.

If you catch her at Pike Place Market...

Make sure to say hello! and catch a picture with her. If you do please send it to us as well. Wanna loves seeing pictures captured by her customers. It makes her very happy!